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"Martyn Jacques is a charismatic focus. Trudging between his piano and accordion like a man weighed down by supernatural dread, he resembles a melancholic amalgam of Cabaret's Joel Grey and Meat Loaf – yet his voice is a molten cascade. The execution is impeccable throughout. PHENOMENAL"
The Guardian

"They create a truly extraordinary atmosphere on stage – a sort of dark gypsy cabaret shimmering with menace. The music is also gorgeously beautiful, tender and delicate – although the sweetness is almost always followed by outrageously funny or horrible twist. It is hard to do justice to the dark, poetic brilliance of The Tiger Lillies, so the best thing I can advise is that you seek out a ticket for this glorious show"
The Scotsman

"In an ideal world, The Tiger Lillies would represent Britain in the Eurovision song contest"
The Times

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